Small Business Saturday – 2015

On Small Business Saturday, we’d like to remind you to shop small.


And to help make that decision easier for you, we’re promoting two HUGE deals.

  1. For our existing students:
  2. For our new students:30 days for $30 got a little better

*must start one month unlimited on or before January 9, 2016; new students must email before first class; limit 1 per person & 2 for friends

Thanks for shopping small today, and every day! Because buying local matters!


Turkey Trot 2015

One of the things we at North Beach Kettlebell (NBKB) believe in is being an active part of our local and surrounding communities. We are fortunate that we have such wonderful students who echo this belief and who understand the importance of giving back. With the holidays quickly upon us, we wanted to do our part, not only to get our name out to many who don’t know us yet, but also to be a contributing local business promoting good health and wellbeing, and giving back at the same time!


The Dana Point Turkey Trot, now in its 38th year, continues to support local charities by giving proceeds from the race to local non-profits. Since its inception, the Dana Point Turkey Trot has raised over half a million dollars for local non-profits. This year, the Dana Point Turkey Trot organizers have chosen Family Assistance Ministries as the featured charity. A portion of each registration from the 38th Annual Dana Point Turkey Trot will be donated to FAM. Participants can also make an additional donation during the registration process.

This year NORTH BEACH KETTLEBELL will have a booth at the Dana Point Turkey Trot Health and Wellness Expo!!!!!! We will be there on Wednesday, November 25th from 12:00 noon – 7:00 pm and on Thanksgiving Day during the Turkey Trot from 6:00 am to 11:00 am. We would love to see all of you and your families at the Expo!

Even better – come join the NBKB family and participate in the Dana Point Turkey Trot! The races are: 5k, 10k, Combo 5k/10k and the Kids’ “Gobble Wobble”. You can walk, run, skip, hop – whatever you want to do! It’s a fun family and community event and we would love to see a big showing from the awesome students and families of NBKB!

To register, to go We will be talking about it at the gym this week. It would be so fun to have a big group “Run the race before we stuff our face!”

TSC Recap

I’m always blown away after the StrongFirst TSC (Tactical Strength Challenge), when all of the competitors have completed their events and we tally up the PR’s. Last Saturday’s TSC competition was no different. Wow! Congratulations to all of the competitors!


I was so fortunate to train alongside fun, focused, committed people who set their goals and killed it at the TSC. Out of all of the hours of training together over the last 8 weeks, grew a camaraderie that is sure to last through to the next TSC and beyond – and this is the byproduct of everyone’s hard work. Everyone gained physical strength, improved their cardio and saw their bodies change for the better. The excitement of the day, watching the deadlifts, pull-ups & flexed arm hang and snatch competition was the culmination of lots of sweat, commitment to good nutrition and getting to the gym even when that was the last thing we wanted to do after a long day. When the last event was over, I got chills watching the high fives and hugs, hearing the cheers and seeing the (proud) tears. It was a euphoric day after a long journey. So….now what??

For me one of the most satisfying feelings in life is setting a goal and achieving it. I’m sure everyone took a couple of days off from training and have probably decided that pullups, flexed arm hangs and snatches are at the bottom of your list of “fun” things to do. That’s ok! But there is something to be said about having something to train for, or to work towards, or to be a part of. PICK SOMETHING! Is it that you want to continue on your journey toward living a long (and strong) healthy life? Is it wanting to reduce some stress in your day? Are you looking toward your next promotion at work or to make some time to be a volunteer? Do you want to spend more time with your kids or parents? Do you want to find peace and quiet for an hour each day? We all have something that we would like to do, have, give or improve upon. Pick your “thing” BEFORE the New Year and make a plan to achieve it.

If your goal is something we can help you with at NBKB, let us know! Wouldn’t it be great to keep that euphoric feeling of accomplishment for as long as possible? Well, you can! It starts with you!


-Gina Steele, SFGII


We’re making this November challenge and annual thing.

As we approach the holiday season, we want everyone at NBKB to make an effort to MOVE MORE!


Last year, we did 100 swings/day for every day in November. And we gave money to the Boys & Girls Club of San Clemente – people who help kids MOVE MORE.

This year, the charity is the same, but we want you all to choose your own goal.

Your goal:

  1. Must be something you can do every day.
    • Ex: “do 30min of activity every day”
    • Ex: “40 pushups on even days & 100 bodyweight squats on odd days”
    • Ex: “150 kettlebell swings or snatches every day”
  2. Must be something that is challenging but doable
    • Not “walk from my bed to the coffee machine”
    • Not “1000 swings/day”
    • Somewhere in between those =)
  3. Must have a contingency plan
    • Ex: Goal: 200 swings/day but you’re traveling out of town & don’t have access to kettlebells. Your contingency plan may be 30min of a ‘hotel workout’. (pulling from great workouts of the past… find ideas here and here)

We have calendars in the gym for everyone to track their goals so get to NBKB, come up with a goal (we can help!), and start your calendar!

Move More this Movember!


Train Smart. Be Strong. Live Balanced.

News & Events – October 22, 2013

Tactical Strength Challenge

Only a little over a week away!

Saturday, October 31, 9am-noon, we’ll be competing against ourselves as well as others from StrongFirst gyms around the world!

We’ll be competing in:

  • Max Deadlift
  • Max Number of Pullups
  • Max Number of Snatches in 5 minutes

Come and cheer on your fellow classmates and show your support for all of the hard work and extra training they’ve been doing.

If you want to compete yourself, even in just one or two events (you don’t have to do all three!), sign up here.

Halloween After Party

We’ll be having post-TSC Halloween After Party the night of October 31st. Come to class to find out more details!



We’re doing it again this year, with a twist!

Last year was 100 swings/day and a donation to the Boys & Girls Club of San Clemente.

The charity will be the same, but the goal will be a little different…

Stay tuned for details!

News & Events – October 11, 2015

Class Changes

Tuesdays & Thursdays:

TRX & Bodyweight class has been awesome! You’ve asked for it to be bumped up to 8:30am.

Kettlebell Quickie Class has been added following the TRX & BW Class at 9:15am. Stay for a quick kettlebell butt-kicker.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays:

The MWF 9:30am and Saturday 8:00am will now be a 60-minute Kettlebell Foundations Class.

Kettlebell Foundations is a workout for those of you who are newer to the practice of kettlebells as well as for those who would like to focus on the basics.

If you have a strong foundation, everything you build on that will be stronger.

The longer class allows for more teaching moments where you’ll be able to use lighter weights and really practice your skills without the pressure of keeping up with the Conditioning Class.

Come try it!
Bring a Friend for FREE
Friday, October 16th at 9:30am
Saturday, October 17th at 8am!