Be Nice

This is not about your attitude toward each other. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the North Beach Kettlebell Community has some of the kindest, most generous, most beautiful souls you will ever meet. I adore each and every one of you. And you’re all very nice.

To each other.

You cheer each other on during training sessions. You get excited for your friend’s first pull-up or when they move up to a heavier swing weight. You encourage each other like crazy and we all love it.

But do you know who you’re not always nice to?


You notice the weight loss of your fellow classmate, but do you notice yours? Do you pat yourself on the back for your commitment to your body, to your health?

I know. It sounds silly. But if you’re not nice to your body, you’re not going to get the best out of it.

Would you give your all to someone who was constantly criticizing you?…

I didn’t think so.


Here are some ways you can be nice to yourself:

If you’re all about strength training, being nice may mean:

  • rolling on the foam roller or yamuna ball before class
  • taking the new TRX & Bodyweight class on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9am
  • going to Kim’s YBR class on Thursdays at 10am

If you have a habit of criticizing yourself for how you look, being nice may mean:

  • squashing those thoughts with a little reminder of how much your body does for you on a regular basis
  • focus on the parts of your body you’re proud of

If you’re worn out from tons of cardio, being nice may mean:

  • taking a day off
  • changing your focus for a little while
  • taking a yoga or stretching class

Give it a shot. Let me know how it goes!

TRX & Bodyweight Classes

We’ve added a new class to the schedule every Tuesday & Thursday at 9am.

You won’t touch a kettlebell in this new TRX & Bodyweight class. Instead, we’ll focus on the other tools we have at the gym to get you a killer workout: TRX, Medicine Balls, Rip Trainer, Jump Ropes, Boxes, etc.

It’s intended to be a compliment to your kettlebell training, so come to these in addition to your regular kettlebell class!

And… don’t forget…

The Kettlebell Quickie!

Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:00pm. It’s a quick workout with a 5-min warmup, 20-min of cardio, and 5-min of cool down.

This is the class where we REALLY practice what we preach:

Maximum Results. Minimum Time.

Think it’s not enough? Come to a class. We promise you won’t be asking for more when you leave!

Brett Jones on The Swing

I swear I was just talking about this TODAY! And then his blog post came out.

Brett was my team leader at my first kettlebell certification and he’s now the Chief Kettlebell instructor for the StrongFirst. He told the story then and I’ve retold it a ton of times: that he had been teaching kettlebells and swinging with them for 10 years (now 15 or so…) and he’s still hoping to one day, preform the perfect kettlebell swing.

The point he was trying to make is that there’s always something to work on. There’s always something that could be better. You can root more, you can squeeze your glutes more, you can tighten your stomach more, you can use more weight…

We all want a perfect swing and we’re all searching for it. But does it exist?

Brett wrote a post about that and it came out today. Read about the quest for the perfect swing here.


Happy Swinging!

What’s So Great About the TSC?

We hosted the Tactical Strength Challenge in April for the first time. I wasn’t sure how it would go because many of the people had never trained with a barbell before signing up for the TSC.


We had almost 10 people sign up and start training and I loved every second of it: From getting everyone’s ‘soft max’ on deadlift, to teaching the form, to watching people’s faces when they lifted WAY more than they ever thought they could.

I remember Trisha saying something to the effect of, “It keeps getting heavier, but it feels easier!” We were working on form and as her technique got better, even though the weight was increasing every training session, it felt easier. I love that! Strength truly is a skill!

Here’s what some of the other competitors had to say:

Steph B:

For me it’s all about the proof being in the numbers — numbers other than those on a scale!! I love being able to objectively measure my increase in strength based on seconds hanging on the bar, pounds I can lift, or number of snatches I can perform. I’m a math girl and I like to compete with myself!

Amy L:

My favorite part of training for the TSC was the camaraderie between the challengers. We all celebrated each other’s successes. It was a lot of fun. It was amazing to see the gains every person achieved in such a short amount of time.

Erika S:

The TSC pushed me out of my comfort zone and trained me to tap into mental toughness.

Trisha B:

I found strength inseam me that I never thought I possessed.

Sarah T:

Training for TSC added the endurance and strength focus I needed to enhance my KB workout routine. Instead of just going through the motions I was reminded that perfect form and moving with purpose can help you achieve your goals. And that’s why I’ll be participating again! 


But don’t take their word for it… Join us and see for yourself!

Or if you’re training on your own, head to the StrongFirst page and sign up to compete with us on October 31.

Why Train for the TSC?

By now, we know that the Tactical Strength Challenge is:

  1. Max Deadlift
  2. Max Number of Pullups OR Max Time for Flexed Arm Hang
  3. Max Number of Snatches for 5-minutes

Flexed Arm Hang or Pull-Ups

What makes the TSC special?

Strong people will naturally do well in the deadlift, but they may not do well in the pull-ups. People with bodyweight strength will naturally do well in the pull-ups and flexed arm hang, not necessarily in the deadlift. The snatch is like a mile sprint – it’s tough for everybody!



To do well in all 3, you have to be strong for one rep (deadlift), strong for multiple reps (pull-ups), and have some endurance (snatch).

I say, that’s what makes the TSC “special”. It’s also what makes it tough for everyone.



Runners sign up for running races because that’s what they do. Cyclists ride to San Diego and back because that’s what they do. The TSC has a challenge for everyone!

Challenge yourself. Compete this year!

Sign up to compete and sign up to train with us (training program provided by Val)

TSC & Fall Challenge

Fall 1-2-3 Challenge

Kids are back to school and we’re ready to get back into the routine.

We like to kick off every fall with a Challenge.

This year is no different with the Fall 1-2-3 Challenge

How it works:

  1. Choose a Strength Goal
    • Deadlift, Pullups, Squat, Pistol Squat, Pushups, Press…
  2. Choose a Cardio Goal
    • # of swings or snatches in 5 min
  3. Choose a Body Composition Goal
    • inches, pounds, & bodyfat percentage

What you’ll get:

  • Initial Personal Session with one of us to measure & do goal setting
  • Class workouts designed to help you meet your goals
  • Homework to increase your chances of meeting your goals
  • Facebook Group Page for accountability
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Weekly emails with recipes & tips
  • Final Session to measure



Tactical Strength Challenge


AKA the TSC. As promised, we’re doing it again! October 31st is the date of the official Challenge – check out the StrongFirst TSC page for official information.

What it is:

A competition that takes place every April & October with the worldwide StrongFirst community. The focus is on three types of training; max strength, bodyweight strength, and cardiovascular strength.

The lifts are:

  1. Max Barbell Deadlift
  2. Max Number of Kettlebell Snatches in 5min
  3. Max Number of Dead-hang Overhand Grip Pullups (or timed Flexed Arm Hang)

The challenge will take place at gyms around the world on October 31st, 2015.

We have a lot of people training for it. If you haven’t yet signed up… Click here to sign up for the training.

To compete on October and get your official TSC t-shirt,register with StrongFirst (but not today… we’re not an official host yet)

You’ll get homework & we’ll have times on the schedule set aside for you to come in to the gym to work on the lifts with me. We’ll go over Barbell Deadlift technique, snatch technique, and you’ll have planned training.

Email me at with any questions about how to sign up and we’ll get started!



Want to do both?!

They compliment each other really well. And if you do both, you get everything above! TSC training plan, extra times on the schedule to train, nutrition guidance… everything described above!



News & Events – August 24, 2015

Summer’s Almost Over!

You’re taking those last couple days away… You’re heading to the beach… You’re enjoying time with family… But how do you get your training in?

Our Quickie Classes are perfect for those without a lot of time.

Finish the Summer Challenge strong by getting double points at our Quickie Classes & our Coach’s Workouts.


Fall Challenge

We’ll begin our fall challenge on September 14th so come in before then to get your measurements.

You’ll be choosing at least one cardio goal, one strength goal, and one body composition goal.

More details coming soon!


Tactical Strength Challenge

IMG_2033 IMG_2027 IMG_2008

It’s back! October 31st, 2015, we’ll be competing again with the StrongFirst community.

Sign up here to get your training plan started. It’s $149 for 8 weeks of training plans and special training times to get you ready for the Challenge. We need to start testing and training before September 14th. If you plan to also participate in the Fall Challenge, these two challenges compliment each other well and there will be a discounted rate for those of you doing both challenges.

Sample Quickie Class

Our Quickie Classes are so much fun! They are the epitome of practicing what we preach:

Maximum Results. Minimum Time. 

It’s a 30-min class that consists of 5-min warmup, 20-min work, 5-min cool down & stretch.

Here’s what we did the other night:

Warm-up with up & down dogs, hip flexor stretches, & a couple chest openers

20-min of 15-sec on/15-sec off:
Choose any of the following, as you see fit:

  • 2-Handed Swing
  • Single-Arm Swing
  • High Pull
  • Snatch
  • Windmill or SLDL (if you need more rest/recovery)

Cool down & Stretch


Three Strong Ladies

Thanks for coming and braving the quickie, ladies!

Try this one at home if you have bells and let me know how it goes!



Train Smart. Be Strong. Live Balanced.

News & Events – July 22, 2015

Kettlebell Quickie

If you haven’t been to a quickie class, you have to try it. It’s 30 minutes of butt-kicking fun with kettlebells every Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30pm. Get even more work done in less time with this evening class. Try this class & get 2 punches in your Summer Challenge card!

Come Sweat With Us!

Come Sweat With Us!

Summer Challenge

It’s here and if you’ve been coming to class, you’re participating! Come to 25 classes before September 15th and get a water bottle and a chance to win more!

Bonus classes: Coach’s Workout & Kettlebell Quickie both worth 2 classes on your punch cards

News & Events – July 6, 2015

Summer’s Here!

Which means it’s time for our Annual Summer Challenge!


Summer Swings!

Attend 25 classes between July 1 & September 15 and receive a free NBKB water bottle and be entered into a chance to win your choice of either 1 Month Unlimited (up to a $150 value) OR a Personalized Training Program for the Tactical Strength Challenge ($149 value).


Coach’s Workout

We’ve added a new class to the schedule and we hope you’ll join us! It’s called Coach’s Workout and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30am, come train alongside your coaches in an open gym setting as they take you through their very own workout! Class will include swings, cleans, squats, snatches, presses, and the turkish getup. Students should be proficient in all of these lifts however, the training will be modified to suit all levels.


Training Tip

Feeling stiff or achy during class? Feel like you need a massage? Ever tried the yamuna ball or foam roller? Come to class a little early & get some tips from your teacher on how to roll out some of those knots.

Better yet, try a YBR (Yamuna Ball Rolling) class with Kim, Thursdays at 10am. It’s a 1-hour guided full body massage. Best thing you’ll do all week.